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About Us

About US

Ryan Media

Founded in 2018, RM is a forward – looking production house focused on contributing projects that are commercially viable and justified from entertainment point of view as a global platform, we connect content with dynamic network of people and ideas – accurately resolving entertainment & financial information along with its insights to aspirers around the globe.

Ryan Media focuses on Signing people, who have the intent of growing and contributing to the cinema.

Being the ones who are more aggressive on ground, we deliver events, which create bliss in the life of the audiences & embrace our clients.

From managing international events, Liveshows’s, Movies is definitely what we like to boast about. While, we still stay grounded making to do revolutionary initiatives in the event scenario around, our agency continues to bring vibrancy and progressive changes in the way live music and promotions were seen as in the region across.

Art is an expression to be elaborated & furnished which is what we do here at the headquarters of Ryan Media. We aim to deliver products with vision & perspective


“Let the ideas do the talking,”

We always take the plunge to design events to create opportunities.Opportunities create interactions & interactions create relationships. We understand that events are no longer about who is attending your event as much it is about who is engaging in them in your ideas.


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